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Bosei Gakujuku
Dr.Tatsuro Matsumae
The origin of Bosei Gakujuku is a small private school opened in 1936by the late Dr.Shigeyoshi Matsumae,the founder of theTokai University Educational System(TES),in cooperation with several of his colleagues.It was modeled on theDanish Folk High School System,and was a training ground for high-spirited young students to openly discuss the future of Japan and the world based on studies of the Bible.At Bosei Gakujuku,the firm coviction of Dr.Matsumae:"The foundation of building a nation lies in education."pervaded the whole school.
TES has its root on this school.Today,Bosei Gakujuku is actively engaged,as one of the institutions of TES,in collecting and editing research materials,opening a number of unique classes,and offering a place of lifelong education to society,maintaining firmly its original policies.
We consider it our duty to open a new way to the future,together with others who share the same goal,without losing sight of the idea of social education that has run through the history of Bosei Gakujuku.In that sense,I hope this booklet may give you a better understanding of Bosei Gakujuku.
Founder of
Bosei Gakujuku
Dr.Shigeyoshi Matsumae
The school name,"BOSEI"(hitching hopes to a star),has its origin in the passage of "Chain thy hope to the stars"of the motto dedicated by Dr.Shigeyoshi Matsumae,the founder of the school.It represents his view of life that one should conceive a lofty ideal and go forward bravely to attain it.

Two great philosophers and BOSEI GAKUJUKU
Two philosophers made a deep impression on Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae(1901-1991),the founder of the "Bosei Gakujuku"school.They were Kanzo Uchimura(1861-1930),a famous Christian thinker of Japan and N.F.S Grundtvig (1783-1872),an out-standing religious man and educator of Denmark.
Dr. Matsumae,in his early days,joined a Bible Studey Group conducted by Kanzo Uchimura,where he learnded a great deal about "how to live a significant life".He also learned about the history of Denmark which had a fine comeback from the devastations of war through Grundtvig's theory of youth education.Thus,he began to cherish an ideal that "I shall restore Japan,my peaceful,beloved motherland through education".BOSEI GAKUJUKU is a private school founded by Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae and modeled after the Danish Folk High School system.Today's Tokai University Educational System stems therefrom.
Invention and philanthropism
Dr.Shigeyoshi Matsumae, as an electrical engineer in the Ministry of Communications (the exgovernment office that encompassed the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication, the Ministry of Transport and the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation of today), invented the "long-distance non-loaded cable carrier communication system", and made a brilliant contribution to the evolution of modern telecommunication technology. The philosophical concept of this invention was grounded on Uchimura's idea that "the truth lies behind a simple and natural figure". Dr.Matsumae's intention was to apply communication technology for the promotion of world peace and cultural exchange among the people.
In January 1935, he was awarded a prize by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan in recognition of his invention, and a part of the prize money was used to carry his dearest wish into effect. Thus, the BOSEI GAKUJUKU was born.

Broadening views of life, history and the world
Several associates including Dr.Shigeyoshi Matsumae's wife Nobuko and Messrs.Noboru Shinohara and Shintaro Okubo gathered and supported the first stage of the school. They devoted themselves to studies on pedagogics, the Bible and Danish gymnastic exercises , and to broadening their views of life, history and the world. Many students in those days took active part as leaders in society later.
The BOSEI GAKUJUKU, though forcibly shut down during the war, was reopened in 1976. It sticks to its founding sprit and now, as an institute affiliated with the Tokai University Educational System(TES), is deploying organized activities for social education.

Develop a Humanistic life

The open lecture meetings held from time to time at the BOSEI GAKUJUKU in pre-war days were resuscitated as the BOSEI KOZA (open lecture series)after the war.Following the motto,"education for building a peaceful world ",our BOSEI KOZA has been held every month since its first meeting in Feburary 1983.Distinguished experts,domestic and foreign,are invited as speakers to advance proposales for contemporary issues of the modern civilization.

for educating youth through Judo

Judo is one the Japan's traditional sports, and it attaches great importance to the proprieties. The MATSUMAE JUDO-JUKU, paying attention to "fight"(to vie for victory), "body"(to build up health) and "heart"(to develop morals) , puts emphasis on cultivating young people's vigor and personality through lifelong Judo training in this age of average eighty-year lifespans.
The Judo-juku consists of two classes : for kindergarten and elementary school children, and for junior and senior high school students and adults.

THE SPORTS/HEALTH CLASS, for a health body, for refreshing workouts, and for a delightful tomorrow
SPORTS/HEALTH CLASS is made up of several levels from the lightest gymnastics to heavy body-building , corresponding to the participant's physical condition. The staff is composed of experienced instructors to meet a variety of demands. Also, lecture meetings on sports medicine are held from time to time. Offered are : Light gymnastics for woman/Jazz-dance/Rhythm dance/Junior ballet/Aerobics/Aikido/Makkoho gymnastics.
The BOSEI SEMINAR, to live to heart's content
This is the age of "lifelong education" in which everybode should try to learn and strive for richness in heart to the end of life.
BOSEI SEMINAR, to meet the needs of the time, gives lectures on various topics covering from such daily and widely popular matters as health, nature or education to expertise. Lectures by specialists and heart-to-heart discussions will take place in a congenial atmosphere.


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